Ronni’z breakfasts

Ronni’z Breakfasts

You’ll have heard the notion, ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’, but let us venture that Ronni’z breakfasts might be the most important meal of your week.

Breakfast and brunch has become a culture of its own in the past decade, with group meet-ups centring  around a decadent breakfast rather than a boozy night out. Everyone wins as the sun shines, conversation flows and drinking is optional rather than excessive. Brunch-wear has become a theme of its own, and anyone who’s anyone now knows their Royales from their Benedicts.

The Menu

The morning menu at Ronni’z serves a traditional fry-up and a garden counterpart, focussing on nutritional balance, not just removing the meat. Our show-stopping steak and eggs sounds ordinary, but is anything but. Asparagus, hot, tangy tomatoes and smooth guac make a balanced accompaniment to poached eggs in our signature meal, and our haddock tart offers a little something different.

If you have a sweet tooth, that’s just one more reason to love a breakfast outing. It is totally acceptable to choose waffles, berries, maple syrup and so much more to break the morning fast. Go all in and choose a fruity Mimosa too, why not? The first rule of Breakfast Club is No Judging at Breakfast Club.

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At Ronni’z, we are absolutely here for the breakfast movement. Our lounge has been carefully designed to encourage lazy mornings in an on-trend atmosphere. Our breakfast menu is innovative, whilst keeping to classic themes. We have made sure to perfect iconic breakfast cocktails with our world-class Bloody Mary and our sweet and simple Mimosa. In short, we’re built for this. And we encourage you to make us your regular.

Our breakfast menu is served from 9am ’til 12pm, with a few signature dishes available until 4pm if you want that extra weekend lie-in.

Keep an eye on our social media where we regularly post photos, reviews and updates. We think you’ll like what you see.

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