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Ronni'z Breakfasts

Ronni’z breakfasts

At Ronni’z, we are absolutely here for the breakfast movement. Our lounge has been carefully designed to encourage lazy mornings in an on-trend atmosphere. Our breakfast menu is innovative, whilst keeping to classic themes. We have made sure to perfect iconic breakfast cocktails with our world-class Bloody Mary and our sweet and simple Mimosa. In short, we’re built for this…

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‘Big day out’ ibiza style

Have you ever been to a big day out Ibiza style where the sun’s out, the cocktails are flowing, you’re wearing your favourite holiday number and life feels good? Well Ronni’z managed to capture a little bit of that essence at their recent ‘Big Day Out’, the first in a series of day-drinking extravaganzas designed to feel like summers abroad. With the excitement of opening day out of the way, the team at Ronni’z couldn’t wait to flex their creative muscles and show the public what they came here to do.

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Opening of ronni’z

Tenby High Street has just welcomed a brand new eatery, and we can finally reveal much-awaited details. Introducing ‘Ronni’z’; a relaxed and elegant dining venue offering brunches, cocktails and evening meals in an on-trend environment. Expect polished interior design, fashionable menu options and a cosmopolitan feel. Ronni’z is managed by Ciuculescu Alexandru, AKA Alex, who

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